Frank Cosentino Live!

This first section here is from a recent gig at Timothy’s Pub in Etobicoke, Jan 21st, 2012. I also helped with additional footage for a video a friend of mine, Ted put together. I did the close up side shots. He has some great footage on his youtube channel available thru the video below.

The lights at Timothy’s seem to be a rotating spectrum of red, yellow,green,blue, so consistent white balance was an issue in post processing images, took a bit of finagling but I like the outcome.

Tip: When you click the video frame, you can listen to the video and also click a picture to start to scroll thru the photos from that night! Cool, check it out.

as always, your comments, constructive and otherwise, are encouraged & appreciated, your like’s & tweets are inspiring , I thank you, enjoy.


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