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Winterfolk XI gets underway Tonight!

Hey All, the annual Blues & Roots festival Winterfolk, gets going today, Friday the 15th, and runs thru till Sunday. The 11th edition of the festival, held at the Delta Chelsea hotel on Gerrard @ Yonge features a ton of performers to see and hear. On Friday night, there will be solo acoustic shows by Al Lerman, Jory Nash, plus the Winterfolk All Star Blues Band with Jack De Keyyzer , Al Lerman and members of Downchild.Jack De Keyzer

Al Lerman

On Saturday, there will be song circles, story telling, and a very long list of performers throughout the day and into the night. Of note, The Wanted, Cris Cuddy Acoustic Unit and also, Grainne will be doing a Live CD recording backed up by Winterfolk alumni Tony Quarrington, organizer Brian Gladstone and others.

The Wanted Richard Henderson

Chris Cuddy Acoustic Unit


Continuing on Sunday, more Singer/Songwriter circles and discussion about the music, Jack De Keyzer returns with Danny Marks, Tony Springer, Wendall Ferguson and others for a Guitar Jamboree. The Moonshine cafe showcases their best, plus a special tribute to Phil Ochs, the Songs of Phil Ochs. The ‘Honouring Our Own’ people showcase the talent of Brent Titcomb later in the evening and also my good friend Irene Torres, brings her seductive voice to the main stage as Irene Torres & the Sugar Devils.

Tony Springer

Irene Torres

This is open to all, friends, family, kids and it is mostly free. There are a couple ticketed performances. Everything is under one roof on 4 different stages, the main stage in the Monarch’s Pub, the open Market Garden stage, the Community Club Easy Listening Room stage on the second floor and the intimate up close and personal stage on the 27th floor. I’ll be doing sound in this room on the Friday and Sunday nights and taking pix the rest of the time. Hope to see y’all there!

For all the details, times and a full list of performers, check the main web site at www.winterfolk.com

Review : Winterfolk IX Feb 18-21,2011 Toronto

This years Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival was a great time to see numerous established and new artists perform their songs and get a real roots music vibe going on. I was helping out as a soundman most of the time along with other volunteers to make everything go smoothly for the musicians and host venues.Michael Jerome Browne

I had a couple glitches to take care of, like monitor levels, faulty equipment, but nothing was a complete ‘train wreck’

My main beef was the lighting. The places I took photos in had just a row of spot lights on a stand, some with coloured gels, some just white. On occasion I was able to access the stand and adjust the light levels and direction of the spot lights but other times I couldn’t even get to the control due to the all the people in their seats.Jory Nash

I did manage to get a few resonable shots and corrected some overexposure/white balance issues as best I could with Lightroom afterwards. I used the D90 set at ISO1600 with the Tamron 28-75 f2.8 lens. I should have watched my Highlight Warning indicator to watch for blownout areas but realized afterwards it was off.

Regardless I got to listen to a lot of really great music without having to wear earplugs. Plus I met a lot of fellow fans, photog’s and musicians, all of whom where friendly and very happy to be there.

Can’t wait until next year. Check out the complete gallery   Winterfolk IX