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Great local artists at the 2015 Toronto Jazz festival

Hey, if your planing on checking out some of the great music this week at the Toronto Jazz festival, there are plenty of local musicians performing and filling the seats at your favorite watering hole.

Tyler Yarema has his regular show at the Reservoir Lounge on Saturday nights, plus shows at Fat City Blues and the Toronto Star stage at Nathan Philips Square

Tyler Yarema & His Rhythm

Tyler Yarema & His Rhythm at the Reservoir Lounge

Mary McKay also has her regular set at the Reservoir Lounge on Thursdays, plus  sets at  the Sangri-la Hotel on the 19th and at the Paddock Tavern at Bathurst/Spadina on the 27th. Here is a video I did of Mary @ the Blue Goose a few years back.


Brownman, always a fixture around the TO music scene, performs several shows during the festival. Show’s at May Cafe, Poetry Jazz Cafe and Gate 403. Latin, bebop, classic, you name it. Performing with some of the best this city has to offer.


Brownman at May Cafe

Robi Botos has performed with everybody it seems, he has a late night set at the Rex Hotel on the 26th.

Robi Botos Trio

Robi Botos at the 2013 Toronto Jazz Festival

And, who can’t forget the Happy Pals, performing their great N’orleans influenced jazz on a Saturday afternoon at Grossmans! Every Saturday afternoon has been their regular slot for the past few decades, ya gots to chek’em out!


As usual, all set times, locations, etc are all sortable by artist, venue, date, style and instrument types at www.torontojazz.com

Let me know what your seeing! enjoy!