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Famous Underground with Warmachine @ The Rockpile East Nov 23rd, 2013

The recently opened Rockpile East is not messing around with the talent they are booking at their large and loud stage in Scarborough. This particular Saturday they brought in Famous Underground along with opening act Warmachine. Two veteren local hard rock/ heavy metal bands which blasted out some great fist-pumping devil horn music to a very appreciative audience.

If you missed this show, Famous Underground is scheduled to ring in the New Year at Rockpile West, Dec 31st, 2013. No word on openers yet. Tix available thru Ticketweb <Just found out that R.E.D. (Raised Emotionally Dead) will be opening for Famous Underground Dec 31st>


Joe Di Taranto, Warmachine


Famous Underground

Famous Underground, Nicholas Walsh

Famous Underground, Laurie-Anne Green, Rick Corvese

Famous Underground, Nicholas Walsh

Darren Boyd, Famous Underground

Famous Underground full Gallery

WarMachine full Gallery

Flux 440 @ TJ’s Pub & Grille March 30th and May 11th

A selection of pix of the Toronto rock band Flux440 performing their blend of original and covers at one of the newer clubs to feature rock n roll played at suitable levels, ie Loud! Danny, Frank, Tom & Peter, all seasoned players with a ton of experience in the local Rock scene, blast out some great hard-rock standards, plus I heard they will be incorporating a few more original numbers into their set at the next show. Check their web site, link below, for more details.

Danny Vee

Peter Greco

Tom Alexiou

Frank Nicoletti

The May 11th show featured some special guests dropping by and joining in for a few tunes. Al Reilly of “Al Reilly’s Catalyst” and Terry Doucette of “Social Strife”

Al Reilly

Tom, Danny, Al, Peter, Terry

Flux440 @ TJ’s Pub Gallery