Review : Winterfolk IX Feb 18-21,2011 Toronto

This years Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival was a great time to see numerous established and new artists perform their songs and get a real roots music vibe going on. I was helping out as a soundman most of the time along with other volunteers to make everything go smoothly for the musicians and host venues.Michael Jerome Browne

I had a couple glitches to take care of, like monitor levels, faulty equipment, but nothing was a complete ‘train wreck’

My main beef was the lighting. The places I took photos in had just a row of spot lights on a stand, some with coloured gels, some just white. On occasion I was able to access the stand and adjust the light levels and direction of the spot lights but other times I couldn’t even get to the control due to the all the people in their seats.Jory Nash

I did manage to get a few resonable shots and corrected some overexposure/white balance issues as best I could with Lightroom afterwards. I used the D90 set at ISO1600 with the Tamron 28-75 f2.8 lens. I should have watched my Highlight Warning indicator to watch for blownout areas but realized afterwards it was off.

Regardless I got to listen to a lot of really great music without having to wear earplugs. Plus I met a lot of fellow fans, photog’s and musicians, all of whom where friendly and very happy to be there.

Can’t wait until next year. Check out the complete gallery   Winterfolk IX

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