Grady @ The El Mocambo in Toronto, Nov 11,2010

a blurb about a show I went to back on Nov 11th,2010 at the ElMo in Toronto

This show was loud loud loud. I’ve seen Gordie Johnson play before as the frontman of Big Sugar and that was loud too. GradyWhen I was up at the stage, I was slightly concerned my heart might skip a beat or reset to ‘Grady time’ with the booming bass notes.

 I had moderately useful earplugs in, which helped a bit. Gordie, w/ Big Ben Richardson on bass and Nina Singh on drums, put on a great hard rock n’ blues show with the crowd getting into it right from the start.Grady & Big Ben

 Solid guitar sound’s, Pulsing bass and a kick drum to knock your socks off where the order of the evening. The band was happy to be there, happy to be back home(for Gordie anyway) and they all where having a great time. Check out my full gallery.

Opening band Motorleague played a great set of their material to get things rollin’.

Equipment: Nikon D90 Tamron 28-75 f2.8

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