Danko Jones @ the Mod Club, Feb 2011

What a great show! It was a snowy night in TO this day, made for a fun drive down but could have affected the amount of people that showed up. Got there early and managed to grab a spot right at the stage. This was a fluke as the bands started early that night and if I was any later I would have missed the first part of the show.

Danko Jones @ the Mod Club

Danko Jones @ the Mod Club

Danko, playing in his hometown, was loud and heavy right from the get-go with JC on bass and Dan keepin’ a tight rhythm on the drums. Solid performance. Danko also acknowledged a few friends that braved the elements and where in attendance.

JC @ the Mod Club

Danko Jones @ the Mod Club

Don’t miss these guys the next time they are in town, especially when they are at a small venue like the Mod Club.

Gallery : Danko Jones @ The Mod Club

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