Brownman @ Mây Bluenote Composer Series

This particular weekend was calling out for some jazz, I needed my jazz fix as it were. A friend mentioned that Brownman, an award-winning jazz trumpeter, was doing a series of Saturday night performances “exploring the  compositions of 5 legendary Blue Note composers”. And this particular night Nov 9, 2013, was covering Herbie Hancock.

Their pianist was not able to attend unfortunately, so Brownman recruited the 21 year old guitarist Sam Dickinson to fill the void. Despite not having a piano, we heard some fantastic versions of the legends catalog.

This series continues right thru November featuring Joe Henderson Nov 23rd and Freddie Hubbard Nov 30th at Mây, 876 Dundas Street West, Toronto.

Here is the link to the Facebook Event


Sam Dickinson

Norbert Botos


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