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Wintersleep : Photogallery

 Wintersleep is playing as part of Canadian MusicFest at the Horseshoe Tavern this coming March 24th. This reminded me to dig into my archive of mystery & forgotten photos because I new I had a gallery somewhere.

Here are a few picks from the full gallery, enjoy! Link to the over 30 Pictures in the Main Gallery at the bottom of this post.

Dec 10th, 2010 show at the Pheonix Concert Theatre






Wintersleep @ The Pheonix

Of Montreal @ The Pheonix May 3rd, 2011

Hey all, Of Montreal, what a band, what a show! I had the pleasure of getting to see them and be allowed to take the camera in for photos only, no video, no audio and no flash. Fine by me, thats what I like, that’s what this site is all about!

Anyway, I had heard of this band from a pro photog’s website, Todd Owyoung at (great concert photography site for inspiration, tips and more). The band looked like they put on a good show, visually as well as musically of course. You see, I had never heard of them. It just establishes my point that there are so many great bands out there to see and hear nowadays that it is difficult to keep up on everything. I did the myspace and website search to hear some of their stuff and was immediately dead-set on checking them out if they came to Toronto.

So May 3rd was it, at the Pheonix Concert Theatre in Toronto, which is a great venue. This was a very entertaining performance, I had a blast taking shots, meeting fans, enjoying the music, lots of fun for the band and the audience, with great stage antics by several non musician members, from a psuedo (aren’t they all) WWF wrestling match, to some more adult oriented entertainment ;),  reminded me of bands like the Tubes and Flaming Lips amongst others. I would put this in the ‘sexual-spastic-psychadelic fantazmical rock n’ roll show’ category if I had one like that. I am now a fan and will check them out again next time round.

I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’ now, enjoy


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Of Montreal

Of Montreal

Of Montreal

Of Montreal

Of Montreal

Of Montreal

You can check out the full gallery here