Concert Photography, WordPress, Lightroom, Websites, here we go!

This is my first official post on, a website to, first of all, display my photos of live music, concerts, bands, all things musical……, and 2nd, learn how to use WordPress to make a Photography Website to show them off.

Trumpeter with KC My plan here is to post stories about the images, such as how I took them, details on equipment and camera settings, problems I encountered and what I did to resolve them. Also, to continually update the Gallery with new collections from future shows I attend. (King Cobb Steelie & Of Montreal coming in May). Up till then I will be adding  image galleries from 2009/2010 and early 2011 plus  an occasional scanned gem or two from the film days(lots of stories there). There will be a bias towards the local Toronto scene, thankfully there is no shortage of bands to check out. There is always something or someone who calls me out to take photos.

Frank & Josh @ HollywoodI may also post about using WordPress and all of the brain cramps that can result from messing with plugin’s, themes and setting it all up to work, all without knowing how to code html  or php or xtc or yadday dataisjsjs!!!

You will also see me on occasion list links to websites and articles I find useful in some photographic way.

backlit guitarist MotorleagueI will also talk about using my photo management and editing software, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, and how I use it as my ‘digital darkroom’ to pretty much, and then some, replicate what I used to do in a traditional darkroom. It is an amazing piece of software for the photographer.

  Take a look around, let me know what you think. Offer suggestions for articles or shows. Let me know if your band is playing locally.


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