Stratophotography.Com is One Year Old!

Hi Folks! Well it’s been about one full year for this web site,, my first attempt at a site to showcase my images, document the Toronto Indie Music scene, and figure out how to make things look good using WordPress as my web site design engine.

I’ve learned quite a bit about WordPress, plugin’s, themes and such, plus I’ve learned a little about php and html. I’ve learned to save changes I’ve made to php files that will revert back to normal and erase my modifications when I automatically update a plugin or theme. Like “Hey, what happened to that ‘back to galleries’ link I put in?!?”.

My Google Analytics tells me that I just past the 1300 visits mark, with over 2700 unique page views, from all over the world! While not very impressive yet, people still clicked from as far away as Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Europe, Brazil, China, Egypt, Oman, the UK, as well as the United States and with the majority coming from all parts of Canada. This is great IMHO!

The most viewed have been, in no particular order, Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival, Little Miss Higgins at the Dakota, 26 Best of 2011, Robbie Rox at The Black Swan, Bella Clava at Bovine, Sabbatron in Oshawa, Teenage Head, the Frank Cosentino Band and out of the Hammer, there was The Plain Steel.

Currently, I am looking at ways to make some changes to my layout for the better and am open to any and all ideas. I have quite a few concert galleries that fell through the cracks and didn’t get added to the site, I found that my process and workflow to get images on the site needs to be reworked. I want the content to be top notch and this stickler for perfection has gotten me a bit behind. I also need to get some sort of e-commerce setup for people requesting prints or licensing.

It would be great to get some feedback from my visitors including other photogs on what you like or don’t like about the site. Things like image size, navigation, layout, compatibility etc. plus suggestions for layouts or themes, e-commerce et al. If you wish, please leave a comment below the images or via the contact page, cheers, Mike

Here are a few highlights that you might enjoy,

Irene Torres with Santerias

Winterfolk VIII Blues, Roots and Folk Festival

Rusty Zinn

Beaches 23rd Annual Jazz Fest

Ross Lizotte

dread motion Friendlyness

Amos The Transparent

Gary Kendall Band with guest Chuck Jackson

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