Honouring Our Own featuring Robbie Rox and friends

The ‘Honouring Our Own’ folks at The Black Swan Tavern…. graced us with the spendiferous performance –blah-blah balh-iiieee, wowheeeieeeiiiiii….. of the greatest performer I personally, or at least the bestest! yeah bestest! performer I have seen, it has been a long time since the great bald one told us the way of the sea and billy and bumper stickers and Rhinoceros and t-t-t-t-tw-witchin’!

Robbie Rox

Robbie Rox

Robbie Rox


Debbie Fleming

For the complete gallery with more pix of Robbie and his band(s)mates plus Joe Mavety,Debbie Fleming,Walter Zwol, click Robbie Rox Honoring Our Own

I will also be posting some videos on my youtube channel very soon. The Rox Miester plus Bob Segarini and the Great Steve Abrose! Check It!



Walter Zwol

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