Michael Schenker Temple of Rock Tour 2012

I haven’t been able to get out to many shows recently due to a serious eye issue, but I did have the good fortune to be given a couple of tickets to see Michael Schenker at the Rockpile in Etobicoke. This show was his Toronto stop on the Temple of Rock Tour 2012, featuring Robin McAuley on vox.

The hardcore , energetic and predominately male fans where in abundance at this show, some very loyal ones who haven’t had the chance to see Michael perform in quite some time. Thankfully, The Rockpile is one of the only places in the Toronto area still booking international hardcore rock acts to satisfy the masses of guitar-riff-rock loving, beer drinking fans, and Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock tour did not dissapoint!

Along with Robin and Michael, we had Wayne Findlay-guitar/keyboards, Elliot ‘Dean’ Rubinson-bass and Pete Holmes-drums laying out a In Your Face stage presence, a solid unit, while flying V’s where the tool of choice. Would have been cool to see some sort of Flying V drum kit! (perhaps someone with a lot of time on their hands can work on that idea).

enough talk, check out some hi-lights in this post and a full gallery of images here. Please enjoy responsibly. A extra-special thank you goes out to Angela Campbell of www.ohjusteatit.ca for the tickets.

Michael Schenker

opening assault!

Wayne Findlay Elliot Rubinson

Wayne Findlay

Robin McAuley

Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker

side stage

Pete Holmes

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