Paul James Band @ The Opera House 1/18/2014

The annual Paul James Birthday Bash presented by Q107 was held at the Opera House this year, an amazing venue, beautiful place. Quite a few people I now were planning to attend this show, which was ‘sort of’ free. You had to know the secret catch phrase “Hey Bo-Diddely” to get in, or pay a modest $15.

Paul was at his best, playing a great selection of rock n roll and rockabilly tunes, while showing off his showmanship, spinning around numerous times with his guitar behind his head.

The fans and friends in attendance sang out an enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday midway through the set, Paul was quite taken and thankful.

The special guest for this evening was blues harp maestro Paul Reddick

Paul James Vigna

Michael Theodore

Paul Reddick

Paul James Band


The full gallery of pix can be seen here: Paul James Band Opera House Gallery


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