45 of my personal favourite images from 2013 pt 2

I didn’t want to make the post too huge so I split it in two. These favourite’s come from the Port Credit South Side Shuffle, The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, plus various clubs around TO.

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D'Mar @ Southside Shuffle Sept 2013

the shuffle demons

Andria Simone

Joe Murphy

David Boyd, New Politics

New Politics, Soren Hansen

New Politics

Maxel Black

Tom Alexiou

Raised Emotionally Dead, Jezla Killz

Jaymz Bee


Zed Head

Bobby Ingram, Molly Hatchet

Joe Di Taranto, Warmachine

Darren Boyd, Famous Underground

White Cowbell Oklahoma

John Corabi


Here is a link to all 45 images in a nice gallery, enjoy

45 Favourite Pix

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