SoHo Ghetto @ the Horseshoe Tavern Photo’s

Hey all, it’s been awhile, sorry about that, but patience is a virtue, and I’m sorry to the featured band it’s taken so long to get these pix up, so….. that said.

This show was a blast!

It all started with a ‘pre-show’ bevy or three at my buddies place in the east end. He knows one of the guys in the band from back home, and, true to spirit, we prep accordingly. Ya see, Soho Ghetto are from Halifax, NS, Canada. One of the best places in Canada imo. So prep we do—and watch for the streetcar.

Then a rather spirited street-car ride to Spadina via the storied Queen St 501 rocket, a short trip to the abm for cash, then to the ‘shoe.

This would have usually been fine— except for a small trip on a sidewalk edge, misconstrued as a drunken stumble by the resident door-man, hence giving us the third degree and ‘what’s in the bag’ questions… it’s a camera. Well, we where fine and everything worked out easy.  Then into the show!

It was a Halloween themed night at the Horseshoe, with all bands in costume of one sort or another. ( I honestly don’t remember–except from the pix!!, lol)

SoHo Ghetto gave us a great performance. I loved the songs, melodies, harmonies and the amazingly interesting drum beats, mesmerizing.  Definitely a band to check out every time they come around.  Here are a few selects from the many pix I took that night, plus more in the full Soho Ghetto gallery, Link below, enjoy.

all pix ©2012 michael wiensczyk

Marc Antoine, Soho Ghetto

Marc Antoine, Soho Ghetto

Brian MacKay, Marc Antoine, Peter Smith, Soho Ghetto

Brian MacKay, Soho Ghetto

Rachel Sunter, Soho Ghetto

Marc Antoine, Soho Ghetto

Full gallery — Soho Ghetto at the Horseshoe Oct 27th, 2012



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