Yukon Blonde w/ The Paint Movement & Megan Bonnell

A Nevado Records showcase featuring psych-rock band Yukon Blonde, pop-fusion outfit The Paint Movement and singer-songwriter pianist Megan Bonnell took place April 8, 2011 at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Megan BonnellMegan Bonnell started things off with a set of songs about love and relationships, a bit mellow for the rock n roll type crowd on hand, but none the less appreciative of her talents.

Then it was onto The Paint Movement, a musical smorgasbord of sounds, rythyms and melodies. A very interesting band to check out.

The Paint Movement

The Paint Movement

And finally we had the headliners, Yukon Blonde. I’ve wanted to see them live since I first heard “brides song” on CBC Radio. This feeling was further enhanced when I heard ‘Wind Blows’ and ‘babies don’t like blue’.

The crowd was ready to be rocked, and with the radiators blasting out unnessary heat in the room, Yukon Blonde didn’t take long to get the place all sweaty and jumpin’. Please leave a comment, enjoy.

Brandon Scott

Jeff Innes

Yukon Blonde


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