Paul James Birthday Bash, Sound Academy Jan 19th, 2013

It was ‘Hey Bo Diddley’ night  at the Sound Academy this past January 19th, that was the password at the door to get into a Q107 sponsered Birthday Bash/Fan Appreciation night for Paul James, who along with a few friends, blasted out some good ol rock n`roll.

Two of my buddies and I hopped in the car and went to the club, public transportation to this part of the portlands is pretty much non-existent. On the drive down, I was havin a hard time with the camera strap getting tangled, not helping things was my heavy winter coat and being crammed in the back seat. The club was quite full, but not packed, which is good for me IMO. More room to move around. We also met up with quite a few friends and made some new ones, the vibe in the place was real cool and laid back. Afterwards, we all had had too much to drink so we left the car and cabbed it. (I heard later that my friend was lucky to find one exit that wasn’t locked & chained up when he picked up his car the next day)

Paul rawk’ed it Blue’s style, always a great showman. He was quite gracious in accepting his birthday cake, thanking the fans and successfully blowing out all the candles (I don’t think there were 62 on that cake  –  that might have been a fire hazard 🙂

Here are a few select photos from the full gallery. Please check them out and comment on the ones you like.

Paul James

Paul James

Paul James

Max Brand

Here is the full gallery link : Paul James Band @ The Sound Academy

Paul James & Paul Reddick



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